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Preparing Student
Athletes For Success

Player development is at the core of Baller4Life sports training. Our club basketball program was created to enhance and strengthen players on an individual level so they can be their best on the team. With one of the best player-to-coach ratios in the business, we and our players have enjoyed great success.

Our training techniques will elevate your student athlete’s basketball IQ, physical abilities, confidence and overall performance to their full potential.

results: college-bound athletes

Our program has a successful history of preparing youth basketball players for college. Our players have gone on to UCLA, Cal, Notre Dame, CSU Fullerton, Arizona, Hawaii, Long Beach State, and many, many more. We are very proud of our elite youth players who are like family to us!

PROGRAM history

In 2008, Baller4Life Elite was formed and designed to be the best value in Orange County youth club basketball. We have a long history of winning and have placed more varsity players in CIF high school basketball than any other program. Our staff consists of coaches from the top high school programs in So Cal, former college players, and speed, strength and agility specialists. Each coach is dedicated to helping maximize your potential on and off the court.

Take advantage of our expertise to learn new skills, push your boundaries and stretch your comfort zone. Don’t settle for average-BE GREAT!!!

“Every time I rise up, I have confidence that I’m going to make it.”
– Steph Curry

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Achieving Success in a
Nurturing Environment


If there is one thing that we remain consistent on at Baller4Life Elite, it is that education is the highest priority. We talk about it often and bring together an environment where the expectation is to always do your best. We feel that this brings about a focus and confidence that translates into all parts of our players’ lives. Our program is for players of all levels; however, many of our alumni have taken steps toward the top and are succeeding in their academic lives as well as athletic:


Building character while playing some
great basketball is what we are about.


What we are most proud of at Baller4Life is the academic achievements of our players. We encourage our players to give their all both on and off the court.Our players have excelled academically and graduated from or are attending the best colleges and universities. UCLA, Arizona, Utah, Notre Dame, Cal, Hawaii, and many more.

The baller4life elite Coaches

Larry Anaya

Erik Harden

Khristian Nielsen

Matt Morris

Allan Purnell

Mike Austin

Joseph Khalil

Aaron Phan

Cameron Griffin




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