The B4L Program

Preparing Student Athletes For Success

Player development is at the core of Baller4Life sports training. Our club basketball program was created to enhance and strengthen players on an individual level, so they can be their best on the team. With one of the best player to coach ratios in the business, we and our players have enjoyed great success.

Our training techniques will elevate your student athletes basketball iq, physical abilities, confidence and overall performance to their full potential.

Our Mission for Success

To provide the best value in local club basketball. Baller4Life is a nonprofit, charitable organization that has been formed to develop the basketball skills of boys and girls of all ages. We continue to build on this environment where outstanding young people are nurtured, on the court and in life.


Baller4Life is dedicated to helping players develop their basketball fundamentals and improvement of skills. The program is designed to help your student athlete reach their full potential. We focus on building a players confidence by performing drills that improve specific weaknesses and build on their strengths. Players will be challenged both physically and mentally, and prepared for success on and off the court.

 Our challenge to each player isn’t just basketball related. We also push each one of them to be their best academically, as well as solid people in their communities.


In 2008 Baller4Life was formed and designed to be the best value in Orange County club basketball. We have a long history of winning and have placed more Varsity players in CIF high school basketball than any other program. Our staff consists of coaches from the top high school programs in So Cal, former college players and speed, strength & agility specialists. Each coach is dedicated to helping maximize your potential on and off the court.

Take advantage of our expertise to learn new skills, push your boundaries and stretch your comfort zone. Don’t settle for average-BE GREAT!!!

"Coach Larry has set up a team of top notch coaches and trainers that specialize in basketball training and skills development. We practice at the amazing Jim Harris Gymnasium at OV High School... amazing atmosphere to train in under all those banners! Whether you are just getting started in basketball, an all-star on the traveling AAU Teams, or anywhere in between, Coach Larry has set up a clinic with the correct staff and drills to optimize your potential. My child has gained confidence, resiliency, responsibility and has learned the value of hard work, teamwork and individual focus in this family friendly atmosphere. Proud to be associated with B4L program and to be a part of the B4L family! Go HAWKS!"

Clint Harman