Champions 4 Life

Achieving Success in a Nurturing Environment

If there is one thing that we remain consistent on at Baller4Life, it would be that education is the highest priority. We talk about it often and bring together an environment where the expectation is to always do your best and achieve. We feel that this brings about a focus and confidence that translates into all parts of our players lives. Our program is for players of all levels however, many of our alumni have taken steps toward the top and are succeeding in their academic lives as well as athletic.

Your Basketball Family

Family on 3, is how we end every practice. It’s our motto and what we believe in. Although we come from many cultures and ways of life, we are your Baller4Life family and will always be here 4 you.


What we are most proud of at Baller4Life is the academic achievements of our players. As talented as they are on the court, we encourage them to be even greater off. Our players have excelled academically and graduated from or, are attending the best colleges and universities. UCLA, Arizona, Utah, Notre Dame, Cal, Hawaii and many more.


Building character while playing some great basketball is what we are about.